Sedefkar Simulacrum

An artifact of unknown age and origin said to be a statue of a human male. According to Prof Smith is a source of great and evil power. References to it appear in occult books, such as The Devil’s Simulare, back through the Middle Ages, though these are said to be based on much older texts.

The statute was last known to be in the possession of a Comte Fenalik in pre-Revolutionary France. It was then broken into pieces and scattered to various locations across Europe. Fenalik has referred the Simulacrum as his “armor,” and there are other hints in the Sedefkar Scrolls that the artifact can in some fashion be worn.

The Left Arm of the Simulacrum was found in the ruins of a dungeon beneath where Fenalik’s manor house had stood.

The Head was found by Paolo Rischonti in a Milan junk shop, and then taken from him by the Investigators.

The Chest had been sealed away by the Order of the Red Maiden in Venice, until a World War I destroyed their nunnery, and the object sank into the canals of teh city.

Sedefkar Simulacrum

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