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Fade In: Prof Smith, lying in a shabby bed, his face reddened and burned.


For years I have researched a cursed artifact of great occult power, the Sedefkar Simulacrum. I had planned an expedition aboard the Orient Express to find this statue and destroy it, but my enemies struck before I was ready. Now I must ask you to take up this mission in my place…

Cut To: An unfinished portrait of 18th Century Nobleman.

Smith (continues, V.O)

The last owner of the Simulacrum was a the Comte Fenalik. He was arrested for degeneracy and sadism before the French Revolution. The statue was broken in pieces, scattered across Europe, and the Count thrown into a madhouse to be forgotten.

Cut To: Emaciated figure, lurking in darkness.


When I awoke in darkness, I reached out for my Armor and felt it too awaken…

Cut To: Montage of Mahmet Makryat, Edgar Wellington, Duke Messeraine

Fenalik (continues, V.O.)

I knew that there were those who would seek it, as they have many times before.

Cut Back to: Fenalik, eyes glowing red

Fenalik (continues)

But only I am the authentic owner, by right of understanding its true nature and power.

Cut To: Investigators at cave in France, observing Roman ruins carved with images of strange insect demons.

Cut To: Interior of cave, Fenalik attacking Investigators, but being bound to a magic circle on cavern wall.

Cut To: Umar in cabin of train, studying scroll and notes.

Umar (reading)

Contact with the Simulacrum brings down the Baleful Influence, a corrupting curse that can only be balanced by rituals in the Scroll of the Left Hand.

Cut To: Miss Johnson wearing Head of the Simulacrum and screaming.

Cut To: Investigators disembarking in Venice.

Smith (V.O.)

A fragment of the Statue was brought to Venice by Napoleon’s soldiers during their occupation…

Cut To: Miss Johnson and Miss Crispin kneeling with Maria Stragliani in front of a candle in the ruins of a church.

Maria (trance-like voice)

I came here in memory of my father. I felt the cat told me to come, but I cannot say that. I would sound mad.

Cut To: Teodore Idoni standing amidst his piles of books.


The Nuns of St. Agatha were said to have many treasures and secrets — but all was thought destroyed when their convent was bombed in the Great War.

Cut To: Investigators and Benito Andriani in hotel room. Benito strikes Dr. Wilke.

Benito (angry, shouting)

When a man such as Mr. Faccia invites you to his home, you show great disrespect to refuse him!

Cut To: Arturo Faccia’s lavish office.


Are you familiar with the concept of the vril? I believe the Simulacrum is a generator of this power and that Makryat wishes to keep these secrets to himself, while I would share them to the betterment of the world!

Cut To: Interior of a shabby, junk filled shack. Marino Innocenti gestures with trembling hands at a diving helmet and equipment.


With this I can find the treasures I know are hidden in Venice’s waters, and earn enough to leave this terrible place.

Cut To: Dr. Wilke sitting in the dark, empty apartment, shotgun at the ready.


Previously on Horror on the Orient Express

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