Austrian Disaster

Thousands Feared Dead in Austrian Disaster

Rescue Teams Report Miles of Devastated Landscape

Scientists Believe Meteorite From Space Likely Cause

Vienna, March 30. As more rescue workers, scientists, and reporters are finally able to reach the scene, the full extent of this unprecedented deadly natural disaster is becoming clear.

Early reports of earthquakes, avalanches, and clouds of smoke and ash had suggested a previously unsuspected volcanic eruption in the Austrian Alps. The growing number of eyewitness reports are now convincing the world’s scientists that a large fragment of rock or iron from the depths of space struck the earth with tremendous forced, causing an enormous explosion. One geologists estimated it being far greater than “if every shell or bomb used in the Great War were exploded in one place and one time.”

Everything at the center point of this blast was incinerated and pulverized, leaving a vast hole or crater in the earth. Trees were burned and knocked down like straws in a circular pattern for many miles around. The force of this explosion and the subsequent avalanches and landslides have caused extensive damage in the towns and villages of this previously peaceful region. Several towns are said to have been wiped from the face of the earth. “It is like a judgment from the Old Testament” according to one witness. The dead toll is still being compiled, but many report it may exceed ten thousand.

Scientists believe a similar event caused by the collision of a celestial body with the Earth may have occurred 15 years ago in 1908. That incident, while of even greater force than this disaster, was in the remote Tunguska region of Siberia, and resulted in no known deaths.

Austrian Disaster

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