Diary of Capitaine Dubois

Summary and Excerpts from Capitaine Dubois’ Unedited Diary

Dubois records that after the incident of Boucher being accused of witchcraft, he conducted his own investigation, eventually finding that Boucher had been keeping a private apartment in the city.

Explaining that he was Boucher’s superior officer he gained access to the apartment where he found a “devilish altar” where a fragment of sculpture, “perhaps a torso looted from a Roman temple” was set up on an altar stained with human blood.

Enraged with such blaspheme, he personally executed Boucher, filing a report that he was deserter. He tried unsuccessfully to destroy the Torso himself.

“I took the idol from Boucher’s lair and tried to break it. It would not break. I tried to burn it. It would not burn. It is not porcelain but some strange unyielding substance that not even diamond will mark.”

“I was shortly paid a night visit by party of women who appeared at my quarters unannounced, wearing the robes of a holy order, but with the stance and bearing I had only seen before in the veterans of many hard campaigns.”

“I had no idea that the Red Maidens ever truly exited, let alone had persisted longer than even the Templars. I ask how they knew of this terrible thing, and their Captain said they once had a book from the Crusades that spoke of this idol and the sorcerer who had commanded it. The book was long since lost, but they kept its warnings to heart.

It was their promise that this weapon of Satan would be destroyed if it was in their power. If not, they would seal it away until the Last Judgement, so that it would foul the Earth no longer. I could offer no argument and hand over the horror to their care."

Diary of Capitaine Dubois

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