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  • The Shunned Mosque

    [[File:523108 | class=media-item-align-center | 600x393px | Part-NIC-Nic6388787-1-1-0.jpg]]A crumbling ruin in Constantinople. Since the War no one seems willing to either raze or restore it and ownership of the land is lost in the labyrinths of …

  • Dream Lausanne

    A dream realm that can be reached by taking a mysterious narcotic. It appears a mixture of the real Lausanne, a medieval village, and something from a fairytale. Humans live alongside faeries, goblins, and sentient animals. The city is ruled by a …

  • The Red Tower

    The home, in medieval Constantinople, of [[:sedefkar-the-osmanli | Sedefkar]]. A place of blood sacrifice and dark sorcery, it was destroyed in the Fourth Crusade. The location where stood has had an evil reputation to the present day.

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