Alhaji Umar ibn Abu Pasha


Occupation: Academic (Antiquarian)
Drive: Thirst for Knowledge

Sanity: 6
Pillars of Sanity

Stability Rating: 10/10
Prayer Rug

Secondary Drives
Culture antagonism with Dr. Wilke

Health Rating: 7/7

Interpersonal Abilities
Credit Rating 2

Academic Abilities
Archaeology* 2
Architecture* 2
Art History* 2
History* 4
Ancient Greek
Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Law* 2
Library Use* 4
Occult 4

General Abilities
Athletics 4
Driving 2
Explosives 4
Firearms 4
First Aid 3
Magic 6
Psychoanalysis 4
Scuffling 2
Sense Trouble 6
Shadowing 2
Weapons 6

*Occupational Abilities

Diplomatic Pouch
Cuneiform Decoding Keys


Alhaji Umar ibn Abu Pasha was the son of Ali Abu Pasha, a general for the Ottoman Empire. (“Pasha” is the title of general, an honorific which follows the name.) His mother died in childbirth, and Umar was sent to live with and be educated by his uncle in Egypt. Umar’s uncle, Sayed ibn Pasha, was a scholar and a Sufi mystic. Sayed taught Umar the sciences, literature, theology, and the arcane arts. Umar was taught that all of these are really the same thing, and that studying the world was studying the work of God. After Sayed had taught Umar all that he thought that he could, Umar was sent to attend Al-Azhar University to complete his education. So successful a student, Umar gained several patrons who have funded his occult research. Through out the 19th and early 20th centuries, many Middle Eastern governments sent their best and brightest to Europe to learn all that they could, and report back. Umar has been sent to London in a similar spirit, but he has gone to learn how the West uses and misuses the occult forces.

During the past year Umar has undertaken the pilgrimage to Mecca. He was hoping to find someone who could have helped to enlighten him on the mystery of the train that he had witnessed, all he was able to do was to share his story with others

Alhaji Umar ibn Abu Pasha

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