Duc Jean de Messeraine

A wealthy Duke from Lausanne, Switzerland


Always well-dressed, his attire is highlighted by many accents of bright color. In the other worldly Dream Lausanne he appears as medieval lord, with garb that seems a mixture of the look of a king and a jester.


A Noble of French ancestry living in Switzerland. He is a collector of rare and curious artifacts.

Duke Messeraine also lives another life, as the Prince of Dream Lausanne. He appears to have interest in the Simulacrum, and has been trying to acquire the Sedefkar Scrolls. Once a member of the Brothers of the Skin he has seems untouched by the passage of time. In the 19th Century he broke with Selim Makryat and now pursues only his own pleasure and power.

Duke is a powerful sorcerer and mesmerist, able to influence and control minds, cast flame from his hands, and vanish into thin air — though given his mental skills, it hard to tell reality from dream in association with the Duke.

Duc Jean de Messeraine

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