Dr. Grant Wilke


Occupation: Physician Occultist
Drive: Thirst for Knowledge

Sanity: 7
Pillars of Sanity
Human Dignity and Value
Absolute Truth of Science and Physical Law

Stability Rating: 12/9
Sources of Stability
Photo of Spiritual Background
Smoking Pipe

Secondary Drives
Views Miss Crispin as Student
Cultural antagonism with Umar

Health Rating: 7/7

Interpersonal Abilities
Assess Honesty* 2
Credit Rating 4
Reassurance* 2

Academic Abilities
Biology* 2
Law 1
Library Use 2
Medicine* 4
Occult 2
Theology 1

Technical Abilities
Evidence Collection 2
Pharmacy* 2

General Abilities
Athletics 1
Conceal 2
Driving 1
Firearms 6
First Aid* 6
Fleeing 1
Hypnosis 2
Magic 4
Preparedness 4
Psychoanalysis 2
Riding 4
Sense Trouble 6
Shadowing 2
Stealth 3
Weapons 4

*Occupational Abilities

Sword Cane

Dr. Grant was a civil war medic as a youth, towards the end (1864-1865). He did not choose sides, rather, embraced the ideals of medicine and would service the fields of battle after the dust settled. Not favored by either side, and quite reviled by both, he chose to delve into the dark arts to aid in his success.

Finding it difficult to find these resources coming from a small German settlement in Iowa, Dr. Wilke began travelling the country in search of more resources of the occult. Rather than carrying tomes with him, however, he’d set about memorizing them and destroying them. Aged 77 years old at the date of this adventure, Dr. Wilke has seen a lot, and has, perhaps, even slipped into the preliminary stages of onset dementia. His dark past haunting him every step of the way.

Dr. Grant Wilke

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