Count Fenalik

Unnatural entity


An unfinished 18th Century Portrait of Fenalik:fenalik_portrait.gif


The Comte Fenalik was last known owner of the intact Sedefkar Simulacrum. In 1789 he was arrested for debauchery and committed to the Charenton Asylum where he was left to rot and be forgotten.

His life has largely been erased from the historical record, but the strange mansion he built in Poissy, France is still remembered as an architectural peculiarity.

Fenalik is actually an unnatural creature of unknown capabilities. He has managed to survive his imprisonment of 134 years and may possibly be much older. He appears able to alter his form to that of animals, swarms of vermin, or a wave of darkness and feeds off both the flesh and spiritual essence of living creatures. He avoid light and holy words and may have a vulnerability to iron or silver. People he slays may rise from the grave as his “children.”

In short, he has qualities associated with European folklore of vampires, but his actual nature and origins are undiscovered.

He seeks to regain the Simulacrum, which he calls his ’armor," but as of early 1923 he has been bound in magic circle in a cave outside Poissy, but has “children” at large acting on his behalf.

Count Fenalik

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