Arturo Faccia

Wealthy Italian Industrialist


Arturo Faccia owns several industrial complexes outside of Milan, manufacturing locomotives, automobiles, and other heavy equipment. His business have been expanding rapidly in the post war years. He frequently travels between his factories and home in Venice.

Faccia is known to have associated with the Makryats in the Turkey, has connections with Italy’s current Fascist government, and is well known in Milan society.

While he has assisted Makryat since the War, Faccia has grown suspicious and resentful of how he has been treated by him. Makryat has shared small nibbles of his sorcerous lore and Faccia has come to believe that such power is the fabled “vril” of Atlantis. He believes vril should be developed like any other natural resource, not kept as occult secrets and used to gain personal wealth and power.

Arturo Faccia

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